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Love’s Complete Book Review

I have been lucky enough to read this book on my iPad. Jason and I have been trying to make the decision to either try and have a baby ourselves or to adopt one or two instead. We have made the choice as hard as it seems to adopt because there are so many babies and children out there who need loving homes.

This book “Love’s Complete: A Russian Adoption Journey” by Teresa Hull has made me fall in love with adoption even more. I am so happy to say that soon we will begin the journey into adoption and whatever may come with it. This book has triumphs and struggles as what it’s like to adopt internationally which scares the mess out of me. I want to adopt outside of the states too but this book has put my mind to ease about adopting internationally now. The book has it all laid out as of what American Couples have to go through when it’s time to adopt for any child inside and outside the United States. This has helped me realize that while it’s not fast to adopt any child, it helps me know that we as a family can adopt no matter what. I am glad that I got to review this book and had to opportunity to read it. I am glad that there is a family out there who wrote such an amazing book!!

I highly suggest reading this if you or you know someone who is considering adoption. This is very helpful for all those who have questions about the process. 

I did received this book for free in return for an honest, unbiased review from BookLook Bloggers. All opinions are my own.

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