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Math U See Gamma

So for math this year it took quite a while to figure out what we wanted to do with her. She struggles so much in math that we researched several options for her including continuing with the tutoring but we couldn’t get ahold of her tutor from last year. We looked at doing Teaching Textbooks with her and found that she might understand it or just get it but she needed extra help with it. We looked at doing the BJU Math 5 with her but still it wasn’t going to be enough for her to really learn. So instead I went to the homeschool store in Raleigh and asked them there what they thought would help her? I had heard of Math U See before but thought it was for kids who got it and not didn’t get it. They answered all of our questions and we decided that Math U See was the right thing for Olivia. We decided to go with Gamma since it focuses on multiplication which is where she really struggles. We got the teachers book and DVD for only $15 and we just needed to get the Student Kit which had to be ordered off their website for $35.00. I just ordered the student kit last night and should be receiving it sometime this week or possibly next week.

Olivia is excited to get started up with math and the lessons and I had her watch a sample lesson last night on the internet and she was intrigued from it. She can’t wait!

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