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Gymnastics for Olivia

Last Wednesday, I signed Olivia up for gymnastics for Thursday Nights at the local YMCA. She has been wanting to take gymnastics for years but has never actually liked the class so we never signed her up again. We decided to take her serious this time and she loves it! She wants to continue to train and wants to continue with learning gymnastics. Yes! I think we have found the sport for Olivia! She may be the oldest in the class but that is OK with us because she is still small for her age and she still has a ton of power in her legs. She said that her two favorite events are vault and uneven bars. Yes! I have a little gymnast!

Last night she did the vault for the first time and she has some power to her behind her running! I can say that when she is ready to do the flipping she has it made! She can now use her powerful legs to use for once. I’m so happy for her! The one thing that I wasn’t happy about last night was that she did more sitting than the first class and if that continues then we will be finding her a new gym to go to. We are planning on finding a new gym at the beginning of the year like in January to where she is doing it more than once a week. She wants to do it more than once a week and I’m happy that she said that. I will do anything for my little girl! Glad she found something she loves and wants to stick to it!

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