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Homeschool Curriculum

So when it came to picking out a curriculum for Olivia this school year it wasn’t too difficult for us except for math. We decided to stick with BJU since we really enjoyed the structured lesson plans we had when we had homeschooled before. We didn’t want to shy away from the structured lessons because that’s what Olivia needs.  So here is what we are doing for this year:

  • BJU English 5
  • BJU Bible Truths 5
  • BJU Heritage Studies 5
  • BJU Science 6
  • BJU Handwriting 6
  • BJU Spelling 6
  • BJU Reading 6
  • Math U See Gamma (She has to master this level before she levels up)

We chose the Math U See because we had asked the homeschool store what they suggested for a child who struggles in math to use. We were originally going to use Teaching Textbooks but we decided against it and decided to use this one instead. I just have to order the student kit for her math and we are all set. I can’t wait to begin everything tomorrow all except for her math. We are going to be rocking on her school work.

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