Occupational Therapy, Olivia, Service Dog

Occupational Therapy for Olivia

I haven’t updated lately on what has been going on with Olivia but one of the things we have been patiently waiting for her to get is some Occupational Therapy. Especially for her eating. The Dr. had sent over some things saying it for anxiety but when I told them her full diagnosis they said it all made sense then. She has sensory processing issues and has had them for years but to only think that maybe the dr or others didn’t want to help her understand the issues. The one thing that I am hoping we will get out of this therapy is for her to be able to eat other things than chicken and french fries. I want her to be able to eat other veggies and fruits but sometimes it’s not worth the meltdown for us to try them. So with the therapy I am praying that we can get through some of the hard things we have been dealing with.

One other thing that we are starting with the search is a Service Dog for Olivia. The therapist suggested that we go ahead and begin the search especially since her anxiety seems to be getting worse. Especially in public. We had several meltdowns while at Disney World this year and it’s been difficult lately to get them under control. Another thing we have to start looking into is a weighted blanket for her to help with her meltdowns and to help with the sleepwalking. I know that I don’t update much on what is going on with Olivia and her medical needs but sometimes I feel that they need to be kept private on a point. I am not looking for sympathy on what is going on with my child but for understanding that we are trying to keep her on key.

She also is starting up with her band practice and lessons and she loves it! She loves practicing her flute and loves that she is playing the instrument she wanted to play.

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