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First Response Pregnancy Test Influencer

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Are you trying to get pregnant or are wondering are you pregnant? If so then why not check out First Response’s Newly Designed Pregnancy Test! I have personally used First Response several times for the first two times I was pregnant and will continue to use them in the future. One thing that Jason and I are looking forward to is adding to our family. First Response has been used for many years and honestly I feel like they are the best pregnancy test for finding out if you are pregnant or not. With First Response all you need to do is pee on the stick and they have a new stick that allows a longer handle, it’s cutting edge curved design for it being more comfortable in your hand, and a better design for you to not get urine all over your hands or fingers. Plus it has a 50% larger tip on the test which will allow you to have more access to getting a better test result! You also can use it at any time of the day which is a plus because I used the first pregnancy test in the afternoon and found out I was pregnant with the first one. The when I was thinking I was pregnant with Olivia I used it in the morning which I found out I was pregnant then. Of course I had to take about another 5 tests just to make sure but yep, I was pregnant and about 8 months later it was time to meet Olivia! 

First Response Pregnancy Tests are available at any major retailer for around $8.99 to $15.99. They are FDA Approved, have been designed to detect all relevant forms of urinary hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) throughout pregnancy. I haven’t taken any pregnancy tests in about a year when I found out I lost a baby but when I do take it, then I will be hopefully able to carry the baby this go round. I can’t wait to be able to carry another one and of course take it on family vacations with us each year. Even if that means that I won’t be able to run a race, it’s ok because adding to the family is more important. You can take this test 6 days before the day of your missed period and honestly that’s a great time scale for me. Once you take a test you will get your results within 3 minutes and a test that has two pink lines on it means it’s positive and you are expecting your little one or little ones. How exciting is that? I think it’s very exciting! To learn more just go to the First Response Website which is where I will be going when we find out we are pregnant!!! They have a lot of neat information on there that I find is really cool! I actually think that when we get back from our little outing for our 3 year wedding anniversary then I will take a test. I haven’t been feeling very great and honestly it would be great if I am pregnant.

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