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New School Searching for Next Year!

With Olivia’s education not doing what we thought it would be while in Public Schools but it’s not. So we have decided to go check out a few new schools in hopes of finding one that will work best for Olivia. Tonight is open house at Faith Christian School in Rocky Mount and we will be going to check it out. We have never been there and I’m hoping I can find it easily since I have never known where it was in the first place, but if I can keep things going the way they are going with my job then I will be able to afford to send her to it. Another one we will check out is going to be New Life Christian Academy in Rocky Mount. Both are schools that have come highly recommended and they don’t go off of the common core which is what we are looking for. Faith uses Bob Jones which is what we used last year for our homeschool and New Life uses Abeka. Either one I’m sure would work but I want to check both out to see what they are both like to see which one will work well for Olivia.

It’s important to get her into the right school for her education!

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