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Eating at home…Saving Money!

We have recently been on a kick of saving money and eating at home! I have been good at cooking healthy dinners for us to eat and try new foods out that we normally wouldn’t eat at all. Some of the new foods that we personally have tried are quinoa (I have tried before but wasn’t too keen on), Whole Wheat Noodles, Almond butter, Fresh Peanut Butter, and more. I was pleasantly surprised that the quinoa wasn’t so bad after all and the fresh PB wasn’t too bad either. I guess I’m so used to eating Peter Pan PB that I’m not used to the healthy stuff. Haha. I have tried the almond butter and it was good. I will be getting it again in the future. It’s good on bananas and on toast that’s for sure!

I’ve also been getting Olivia to try new things like carrots which for us is a huge thing!!! She normally would never eat that but she did this go round. She’s still not sure about it but hey it’s a start! I’m also fixing healthier lunches for her. So instead of packing a ton of snack foods that are full of sugar, I pack things like pretzels and apples instead. She has taken to that quite nicely too.

Last night for dinner we tried a new recipe that I found on pinterest. It’s a clean greek chicken recipe and it was super easy to make too. The marinade was easy to make as well. Olivia ate it up and she actually asked for seconds which is a miracle for us! So I allowed her to have more chicken since it was protein for her. This is the recipe that we tried. I highly recommend trying it out as well!

Today I am going to her school to talk to her two teachers about her schooling. She has been falling behind in school as far as math goes and she told me the other night that she doesn’t care for school anymore because she can’t keep up with it. She gets frustrated with school and feels the teachers are going way too fast for her. I have found that the one thing that she needs is a math book and she doesn’t have one. Well she does but it’s on her iPad for school. She doesn’t have a print one. I mean who does that anymore? I know schools are trying to save money but some children need to have a book right in front of them. I had to break out the Abeka homeschooling math book for her to understand what she was even doing for homework. I am going to take that into the school to show her teacher what all I have been working on with her. Hopefully we can find something to help her out. Anything really. I am also considering having her retested because she is struggling even more in school. I’m not sure the medicine is working for her and honestly I’m not sure it’s all ADHD anymore. I feel it’s something more than that and the Aspergers. So this is something that needs to be taken care of more.

So this post has gone more into an everything post. But I haven’t written much about what’s been going on with Olivia lately but that is what has been going on. We are hoping to find some solutions for school and to get help.

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