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Clean Eating: Eat at Home 1

So since my weight loss is going good so far and I have been working hard on continuing on losing I decided that I better keep going. And the only way that I will be able to continue is to not eat out all the time. I told Olivia this past week that if we cooked at home all week that I would treat her to eating out on Friday. Well I did exactly what I said I would do. I treated her to McDonald’s for dinner! I ate a vegetable soup instead for dinner and it was very good!

My weight loss goal is getting closer and closer as I continue on my journey. Not only will I continue this journey on my own but I will continue to do it by trying to eat clean and eating at home. I have tried several recipes that I normally wouldn’t try on my own and they all turned out being awesome! I even made up a few of my own and wow is all I can say! They turned out great!

Tonight’s dinner is going to be clean greek chicken and I found the recipe on pinterest of course. We love getting ideas off pinterest and being able to try different recipes off there. This one was really easy to make and I only used 3 chicken breasts instead and will be making quinoa noodles instead of regular noodles for dinner. It’s a change and I’m looking forward to that change. I picked up the noodles at Whole Foods when we went a few weeks ago. They looked good and I will have to let you all know how they taste.

Here are what a few of the dinners that we have had the past week look like. Enjoy!

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