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Magic Bands: All About them at Disney World

I have been getting asked a lot lately about what the Magic Bands are for Walt Disney World are and how they are used. Well to get started I will use a few from our trip and mainly from when we got new ones. 🙂 I have to say they are the best thing that Disney World has come out with since we have started going in 2010!!!

Magic Bands are your Key to the World! They are your room key, your way to charge to buy things within the parks, to be able to get your dining plan and also to do the fast pass+! We learned on this trip all about the FastPass+ and how at first we weren’t quite sure about it to loving it! Plus we fell in love with the magic bands too!

When you book your Family Vacation to Walt Disney World you will have the option to pick the following colors for your magic band: Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, or Gray. We as a family decided on Pink for Olivia and myself and Green for Jason. We received our Magic Bands in the mail about a month before our trip and I quickly stored them away. We received them via UPS I believe or was it Fed Ex. I can’t exactly remember at this point. Gosh I have a brain meltdown right now. But once we received them it wasn’t long until it was time to use them.

We made it down to our resort and we checked in. No big deal there. It was really nice to be able to open the door to the room with our bands. I did however find it a little difficult at first to open it but after the first day it was easier to do once we figured out how to hold your arm to do it. Super easy in my opinion. You have to also set up a 4 digit pin number for the bands so that when you purchase something or when you use the bands as for your dining plan you have to enter that in. Pick something that you will remember. If not then just go up to the front desk and they can reset it for you, no problem.

We found that we loved using the magic bands and loved how easy they were to keep up with compared to the Key to the World Cards. No more handing the cards out to the different members of the family to keep up with or anything. Plus they are waterproof which is even better! They are super easy to get on and off and they even have accessories you can purchase as well for the bands. Olivia purchased a set and shared them with us. She was so excited she bought them until we got her the Elsa Magic band, then she didn’t want to put anything on hers.

They have special edition bands located at different places around the parks that you can purchase. Normally at Magic Kingdom and at Hollywood Studios is where we have seen them. We purchased ours at Hollywood Studios. I know that there will be a runDisney one and I would love to have that one since I am running in the Half Marathon for Princess Weekend in February.

If you have any other questions about the Magic Bands or about Disney World feel free to let me know!

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