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Is Adoption Right for Us?

Lately I have been praying and pondering at the thought of adoption, and not just any adoption like a pet but adopting a child. Jason and I have been praying together about what would be the right thing for us as a family and a couple to do to be able to have a child. Yes, I could have the surgery to be able to have a baby but would it be worth my health and trying to lose weight so quickly that honestly the health won. I don’t think that we can risk my health to be able to try for another baby. If that wasn’t the case then we would have already been pregnant but we just can’t risk it right now.

Then there was the thought of IVF but we thought and prayed about that too because we don’t know if it would even take. Then we would have our hearts broken again just like we did back in March and April. 🙁 I don’t want to deal with the heartbreak that we dealt with.

Then there was the talk about adoption and if it was right for us. Well after a lot of praying and such we have made the decision to start to go through the process of adoption. We would love to be able to adopt a newborn and I have a good friend who is adopting right now. So I know that it can and will happen for us. We have to of course get into our own home which we plan on doing so soon, but still we want to be able to provide for a child that either the parents couldn’t take care of or wouldn’t. It breaks our hearts knowing that so many people get pregnant and don’t want their child or another case for that and we want to be able to open up our home and provide for that child. We want to be able to one day have a total of 3 children and know that with our love and faith we can do so.

So let the search and prayers begin as we go on this adventure to be able to bring a child or children to our home.

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