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We love Pinterest!

I am always looking for good recipes to try off of Pinterest and found several that are absolutely worth mentioning. I made last Monday two dishes of one of our favorite meals that we love to eat at the house. I fixed the All in One Chicken Dish which I found off of pinterest here. The recipe does call for half of the italian dressing mix to be sprinkled on but I like the more flavorful taste that the whole packet gives you and instead of using butter like I did the first go round, I used E.V.O.O. and it was a lot better as well. Much healthier for you indeed.

Another recipe that I tried and made yesterday was a made from scratch birthday cake and buttercream frosting. I had never used cake flour before and so this was all new to me..then again baking a made from scratch cake is pretty new as well. I gathered the ingredients and made the cake. The cake was very heavy but the buttercream frosting kind of made it taste light and airy. Weird I know. I’m not sure if I did something wrong but instead of the cake being light and fluffy it tasted more like pound cake. Not sure where I went wrong I guess it’s a learning curve for me. But the buttercream frosting was amazing! I didn’t use the whole amount of sugar it called for because the original recipe calls for 9 cups of powered sugar. Um no…I don’t feel like going into a sugar coma! But you can find the recipe for the cake here and the frosting here.

I have tried several others that are keepers but this is all I wanted to share with you!

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