School Will Be In Session!

So we made the right decision when we decided to homeschool Olivia for another year. Jason and I both felt that she did so well being homeschooled last year but she needed a new curriculum compared to what she used last year. We used last year BJU Grade 4 except for the Math which we used Saxon Math and that just didn’t work out too well for her. I looked at several different curriculum’s that might work for Olivia but the best one that looked like it would be very structured for her is Abeka. So we went up to the Homeschool Gathering Place on Friday and put most of her books on consignment there and picked up most of her items she needs for school. We still have to get a few things but that’s about it. I am searching on facebook and on ebay and online for a few things but I know I will find them used rather than new. At least that’s the plan for us.

Summer is almost over for many of the students and I figured that if we go ahead and start school now by the time April or May rolls around she will be finished with school. I also plan on having a set schedule for her which will help out a ton as well.

When I get home from my parents house, it will be time to start packing up the house and getting things together for our move. We are moving from where we are living back up to the area where I am from. I can’t wait and can’t wait to be around friends and Olivia’s friends again. It will be epic for her and she is excited as well.

How is your summer going? What have you been up to?

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