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I received a free cloth pocket diaper from a while back ago and due to school I had fallen behind on my reviews. Now that I have a week off school I am able to focus my time on my reviews and on my crocheting. I have several orders to fill so this is a good week to get all caught up on them. Anyways, I was send a free cloth diaper from and fell in love with it. While we are waiting patiently to see if we are indeed expecting I was able to try the diaper on one of my best friends little one. The diaper that we received was a blue with bunnies all over it and I fell in love with it because it is adjustable which is wonderful for using over and over again. I plan on using cloth diapers for the next baby because I feel that they will have less chance of getting a rash or breaking out with them compared to how Olivia had rashes all the time. I swear even though it was almost 10 years ago since I’ve had one in a diaper, I have learned that cloth diapers are the way to go!

How to wash the diapers:

1. Wash with like other items or alone in cold water.
2. I did not use any fabric softener in the load because many babies or children or even adults are allergic to them.
3. Dry the diapers either on low heat or air dry them. I chose to air dry them and they worked just the same!

How to use them:

This is what it will look like when you first get the diaper.

 This is what it looks like for an infant fitting:

And this is for a larger size:

This diaper is really soft on the inside because it has soft fleece as the liner and it came with a bamboo insert. The diaper and the insert were very easy to wash and I just let them air dry when I was finished with the washer.

Here is what the insert looks like:

And the inside of the diaper:

This is where the insert goes in for extra support:

 And this is the insert going inside the diaper:

I highly recommend using for all your cloth diapering needs because they have a ton of different designs and they are half the cost of what you would pay for in a store or elsewhere online. I can’t wait to find out if we are expecting because if we are my husband better watch out because that means we will be spending a lot of money on cloth diapers and I want to do some baby wearing too! So much has changed since I last had Olivia and I want to do so much more than  I did the first go round.

You too can get your little one a free diaper from if your order is over $1.00! I plan on ordering more once we know a little more but for now this one will do! I’m also planning on ordering a few for my SIL to use on my new nephew! Cannot be any happier with this company!

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