iPhone Troubles!

I have had an iPhone since 2011 and have loved it! But recently since upgrading to the new iPhone 5 in July I have had nothing but issues with it! I told Jason that I would have rather upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy 3 or S4 at this point because my iPhone is giving me so much trouble! I have recently heard of others who are having the same issues with the phones and now it makes me wonder should I upgrade to a new phone or not! My iPhone 5 gets hot really fast even when it’s not in a case, won’t hold a charge at all and my iMessages won’t send half of the time unless I turn my phone off and then back on. What a waste of time there! My phone also loves to turn itself off at random times and will randomly call numbers when I am not near it. And the one major problem I have with the phone is when I have been talking on the phone for a while I cannot hit end on the phone, I have to either wait for the other person to hang up or I have to turn my phone off and then back on. Ugh!

Is there anyone else who is having a difficult time with their iPhones?

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