Germs, Germs! They are Everywhere!!!

First of all I hope everyone had a good Christmas! We sure did and got more gifts than expected. Olivia racked up on gifts, toys and clothes. One of the good presents she got was from my parents which was a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 that she has gone crazy over. She won’t let that thing out of her site what so ever. I did however download a parental control app for it so she has to come to me to purchase apps and go on other certain apps. Makes me feel a lot better knowing she has this.

This year Jason and I racked up on gift cards for restaurants and we can’t wait to have a few date nights together without having to spend any extra money. Thanks to those who gave them to us! Now that Christmas is over it seems that we have all gotten sick. Boo! We have unfortunately picked up something and now it looks like I will be taking Olivia to the doctor tomorrow since she is running a fever and she is complaining of her head hurting but when I ask where she points to her sinus area. Looks like it’s a sinus infection for her. I started to get sick on Monday evening after my Dr closed for the holidays so I will be calling them in the morning to see if they can call in anything for me since I won’t be back home until Saturday. I don’t feel like going to the urgent care or anything else. But if I have to I will. I just don’t want to sit there all day like I normally do.

My niece has been sick as well and sounds just like Olivia and my mom is sick too. So it looks like we are all spreading this junk around. Praying for some kind of relief soon for us all!

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