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Lately I have been praying and keeping things in check with how we handle things at home and with teaching Olivia the rights and the wrongs. I have been praying about different things not only with home life but with what happens in the future. I have been at a stand still with weight loss but I have been working on cooking at home. Another thing that has been going on in our lives is we still haven’t found a church in this area and I am very picky about where I go. I want to go to a church that has praise and worship and not the boring hymns I grew up on. So whenever we at home for the weekend at my parents I go to their church because it feels right. But driving 2 1/2 hours home is not going to work every weekend.

But on the other hand, Jason is looking into applying at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary for the fall semester and if he gets in then we will be moving to the Wake Forest area. I have always loved that area and it’s not too far from home and not too far from my parents church. I am just praying that he gets in so that we can get out of this small town where I just can’t seem to connect what so ever with anyone. So instead of being unhappy and miserable, we are going to be happy and close to family and friends. Plus it’s a nice way for Olivia to be introduced into school again which don’t get me wrong, we love homeschooling but financially if we move we might not be able to swing it and Jason go to work and school full time. I will also still be in school for another year so I also too need to focus on my education. I told my mom that if I could find someplace to work part time then we can make it. I am also praying that my Tupperware business will take off soon because I am enjoying it and I see the potential is out there too which makes me even happier knowing that I could be making money that way too to support my family! I choose when I want to have the parties and how I want to run my business.

So just keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as we try to figure out the next direction we need to go!

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