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Hot Straw Review

Now that the holiday season is upon us it only seems right to go ahead and begin the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. And what a better way to start it off is by thinking of going to Starbucks or even having holiday flavored coffee right at home. The one thing that I dislike about going to Starbucks or another coffee place is having to wait for the coffee or latte to cool down before I can drink it. It bugs me so much to where I just honestly don’t want to drink it by that point. I don’t like it when it’s lukewarm at all and would rather drink a frozen drink instead. Well have no fear because someone brilliant came up with the perfect product for those who would like to drink their coffee hot!

Hot Straw is the latest product that is a MUST this holiday season! We all know someone who loves to drink coffee or hot drinks and while it might seem like it’s something that has already been done, you are wrong! I have never found a straw before are reuseable straws and never have used one that you can drink hot liquids from safely either. The Hot Straw was founded by Dawn Miracles who used to participate in clinical trials saw her patients with Parkinson’s Disease spill hot drinks all over themselves. And yes even Dawn found it to be a struggle with the staining of the teeth and wanted to come up with a product that would be safe for her patients and something for herself as well. That is when she decided to come up with the patent for Hot Straws and to make a product that could withhold hot liquids without melting!

This is something that as a mother is a very important thing to have around children, small or big kids. I have a tendency to go into the Target and get a drink and while it’s too hot to drink I set it in the cart while shopping. Not the best idea since most times Olivia is in the big part because we don’t want her to wander off with someone. I’ve always been scared that I’d drop that hot cup of coffee on her and then would feel bad for not having something safer. Another great perk of the Hot Straws is they can be used in your travel mugs while driving to work or driving around town. Using the straws will help you be able to stay focused on the road and not having to worry about the cup or mug blocking your view or leaking all over you.

The Hot Straw is available in two different sizes, Grande  (16oz) and Venti (20oz) and come in four different colors: Pink, Blue, Red and Green. I chose to get the Pink since it’s one of my favorite colors. It has come in handy for me at home to drink my hot coffee on days that it’s chilly out. These are also BPA Free which for my family is a perfect thing! Trying to get healthy and stay that way! The Hot Straws would make a perfect gift this year and I highly recommend getting some for yourself too! They are $9.99 for a 4 pack and have different packages for purchase as well. They are offering Free Shipping right now too! Bonus there for sure!!!


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