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Easy Scent for your Warmer

Do you have a warmer like a Scentsy or something similar? I have one that is wonderful and got it last year to review. Love it and I am always finding a new scent that I love. I have found a new scent that you would have never figured to try probably. 

If you have ever been in the laundry section of the store and noticed those scent boosters?  Did you know that you can use them in your warmer too? I happened to try it after looking for a new scent for the house to smell like. Wow! My house smells like Gain right now and I love it! I had received a sample in the mail recently and that was devoted for my warmer instead of the washer! I know that Gain has it but so does Downy! 

So go ahead and give it a try! See what your favorite scent is for your house. A lot of times you can find these boosters on sale at Target or the grocery store. I have the Downy at my parents house that I will be bringing home next time I am up that way! 

*This is not a sponsored post. I have written this on my own experience and a simple way for saving money and DIY. *

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