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One thing I have fallen in love with besides crocheting and homeschooling is cooking. I have never been a good cook in the past and have found ways not to cook but lately that has all changed. I have found a new love for cooking. Jason happened to get me some awesome cookbook magazines that I have fallen in love with and not only that but I keep finding things that I need for my kitchen. One of the things I need for the kitchen is a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. I have always had a love for them but in the past I never would have used it. I have been wanting one for the past 6 months but now want one even more that the holiday season is coming up. Plus I want to be able to start baking my own bread and other things so this could be very helpful in trying to get healthy.

One thing that I have honestly decided starting the new year is to try and go Gluten-Free. My allergies to food seem to be getting better but after eating a lot of bread my stomach has other issues. I notice that my stomach will hurt for days on end if I eat a lot of bread or things with gluten in it so this has to be stopped. Guess I will find out soon enough.

Another awesome thing I want for Christmas is the new The Pioneer Woman’s holiday cookbook and all of her latest cookbooks. I have found several things that Olivia will eat that I have cooked from her site but having the books at home would be even more awesome. And a nice cookbook stand would be nice too to have.

What is something that you want for Christmas? Is it for the house or is it for yourself? I’d love to have a patio set for outback and a nice Hall Tree for the Living Room because of the house we live in it doesn’t have many closets for storage. This way we can keep the things we use often up front in the living room instead of our closets.

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