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Lalaloopsy Crochet Hats

Lately I have been working on 3 Lalaloopsy crocheted hats for a customer. They are a somewhat easy design but it takes a lot of work to do. I have realized a few things while I’ve been working on them and that is that I need to be patient. While it doesn’t take long to do the hat part itself it takes a lot of work to do the curls and to put everything together on it. I would prefer not to do the earflaps with them but I will leave that up to the customer entirely. I have decided that after doing these three I will have to go up on my prices because of the amount of yarn and time it takes to do these hats. I have also figured out my own pattern and will be coming up with that one soon and will most likely sell it on etsy as well.

Another cool item that I have figured out is an owl hat for small dogs. I need to figure out one for a larger dog and medium sized dog but for now a small one will work. I have a friend who asked me to make her dog a hat like the owl hats I sell and so I did. I had to purchase the pattern off of etsy but it looks so cute. Will have to take a picture of it soon and put it up here. 🙂

I am also working on a ribbon buy with a friend and I have several new ribbons coming in the next few weeks. I might actually go down and help her sort things out when she gets the order in to help move things along with that. Plus its girl time whenever we go down there.

On a lighter note, Jason and I have decided that we are going to start trying for a baby next year. We also would like to take a small vacation to Disney World as well. I don’t care if we have to stay in a value resort just as long as I get to go while it’s cooler out and while the fall decorations are out!

Now onto teach school for the day! Then I have to plan a tutor session for my Spanish class and turn in my oral assessment to my teacher. Have a great Friday y’all!

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