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Growth Spurt? Maybe?

Lately Olivia has been hungry all the time and is like a bottomless pit at times. I don’t think I have ever seen her eat as much as she has lately. While that is a good thing that she’s eating and isn’t being overly picky, it also means she is most likely going to hit another growth spurt.

The on thing that I can say about her is that maybe this growth spurt will include her gaining a little weight. She still weighs less than 50lbs and for being 9 that’s crazy. She is still having to be in a booster seat because she is so little. Her cousins are ganging up on her as far as weight and height and it seems like she will be small forever. But I can honestly say that I will most likely have to get a new booster before she is ever out of one. I forget how long a booster is good for but we have had hers for almost 6 years now. I got it for her when she turned 4 or just about turned 4. She is not much bigger than she was when we got it. I’m going to keep her in a booster for as long as I can to keep her safe because I have seen many children get seriously injured for not being in one when they really should have. I can understand if the child has met all the guidelines to get out of one but I don’t think we will see that day anytime soon.

How old is your little one and have they transferred over to a booster yet or are they out completely?

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