LG-3000 TENS Unit, Portable Neck Traction, TENS Unit

Running or Walking and being Sore No More!

One thing that I miss about working for the chiropractor is being able to lay on the traction beds at lunch time and getting hooked up to the TENS Unit too. After I would attempt to workout or try doing something new like running I would need to get an adjustment and get hooked up to the unit. I could always tell when I have done too much because the next day I would be unable to move. Happens more often than you think to many people. One thing that I wish I had at home is an LG-3000 TENS Unit for the house. I could use that after attempting to run a half mile or by moving things inside the house.

Another thing that I miss is being able to do some kind of neck traction as well. I miss having to pump up the Portable Neck Traction and walking around the office like there was something wrong with me but honestly I was just showing the patients how to use them. They were quite comfortable actually and we had a lot of patients that used them. We actually had to purchase another one for that very reason and would sell them to patients who needed to do them on a regular basis at home. I wish that I could find a part time job with a chiropractor down where I live now but jobs are hard to come by right now in this area.

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