Homeschool is going strong!

Homeschool is still going strong. We have our days to where we only get a few lessons done and then we have days where we can get all 6 lessons done. It’s amazing how much you can control on what is taught to your child. I love having the option of changing up the lessons some to make them more Olivia friendly like if she doesn’t understand then we put it in a way she does understand. Plus I love the fact that we can on field trips and we count those days as lessons too because we are learning about a certain something. This year for Halloween we are going to take Olivia to the NC Aqaurium at Fort Fisher to go trick or treating because we can get in for free! Plus we can leave a lot sooner so that we can explore the place even more. The last time we went it was so stinking crowded and hot that we didn’t get to explore everything. Plus we were kind of on a time limit with Jason being in a class instead of with us.

One other thing that is not really homeschool related is I have started to crochet owl hats and sell them. I even set up an etsy store and am selling my items there. Hope to bring in some money since Jason is the only one working. I want to help bring in some money since Christmas is right around the corner and so is the new year which means we are going to be getting ready to start a family. 🙂 I’m hoping that I can lose weight and be able to have the surgery that is needed to have a baby again! We want at least one if not two more. 🙂

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