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O!Snap Headphone Clip Review

 I love to go for walks outside and will try to even jog just a bit but not for long because I just can’t seem to run without falling over my own feet. But I also help out with the yard as well and just like my husband, I like to listen to my iPhone with my headphones and have issues with keeping my headphones in place. I have found one of the best inventions out there for headphones to use with you phone, iPod and also with just listening to music with your computer. But if you’re like me you probably yank your headphones out of the phone because it comes out of the phone or your ears. I have done this so many times and it got quite annoying.

Well this awesome invention is called “O!Snap Headphone Clip” and it is the most genius idea ever! I was sent this clip to use and review and that’s exactly what I did. I decided to surprise Jason with cutting the front and side yard with the push mower. I went ahead and clipped on the O!Snap Headphone clip onto my shirt which has a pretty strong magnet to hold the clip in place,  and plugged in my headphones into the iPhone and then onto the clip. As I continued to push that stupid mower across the yard I had moved my arm the wrong way and was thinking oh snap I’m going to lose my headphones once again. Then I remembered I had the O!Snap clip on my headphones and didn’t lose them at all. I was so happy and I really fell in love with this product even more! This is also a nice way to store your headphones mess free and I have done this with mine. I carry mine in my purse with my headphones because when I’m in the car I use the clip as well while driving so that the microphone is just in the right position for the microphone on my headphones. Works wonders for me!

Here is a video of O!Snap Headphone Clip and how it really works:

I am so happy that I was able to review this product because I just fell in love with it. I will be continuing to use this clip while walking outdoors, running, jogging or just doing household chores. You can get your own O!Snap Headphone Clip for $14.99 and comes in a few awesome colors like:

  • Graphite/Graphite
  • Deep Blue/Graphite
  • Light Gray/White
  • Deep Green/Graphite
  • Deep Pink/Graphite

 Another awesome thing about the O!Snap Headphone Clip is that it’s made in Portland, Oregon which is pretty cool. I’ve always wanted to visit the West coast but have never made it out there.  I might even get family members one for Christmas.

“I received an O!Snap Headphone Clip for free for me to give an honest review on their product.”

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