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Frustration & Something New

So this past week has been nothing but frustration with my accounting homework and trying to get it complete. I have 3 chapters to do on top of 2 major homework assignments and 1 quiz. Let’s say that me starting the homework was about 5 days ago. My Toshiba decided to go spastic on me and it only caused more frustration than anything with trying to get it done. I had sat up all night on Wednesday night or was it Tuesday night to do the homework and after 5 hours of doing it my computer decided to freeze up on me and I lost everything I had just done online. What a waste in my opinion. I have had the Toshiba for at least 3 years if not 4 and well I just wanted to do my work and if my computer wasn’t going to do it for me then I was just going to get mad and stew inside the living room for a while. I think I was more upset that I had just lost everything I had done online. The only way to save it was to hit complete and it would have turned in some crazy undone homework. Not what I wanted to do. So Friday I got online and did some searching and found out that I qualified for Best Buy’s credit card with the 18 months financing at 0% and I took it! I looked online for several computers but I just kept heading back to the Mac’s. So that’s what I ordered. I ordered a MacBook Pro 13.3 inch one and love it. I also purchased Microsoft Office so that I am able to write the papers my professors ask for. After we picked up the new computer we headed on up to my parents house. I am so happy with my purchase and I am glad that I went with a MacBook. I am in love with this thing! Have you ever gone from a PC to a MacBook or iMac? Are you happy you made the right decision? Let me know:)

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