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BFAST Breakfast Shake Review and Giveaway!!!

Now that I am homeschooling Olivia, I still have not found time to eat breakfast everyday. Some days we are just too busy for me to sit down and eat or I’m busy cleaning something in the kitchen or the house. I was given an opportunity to try out a new breakfast shake called “BFAST” by General Mills. I was sent a nice package that contained 6 shakes in all with 2 Chocolates, 2 Vanilla’s and 2 Berry Shakes. I gave 3 away to my mom who enjoyed them and they are nutritional as all. I have already drank 2 of them and have fallen in love with them. I love drinking them in the mornings because sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking something or eating cereal again.

BFAST breakfast shakes have 8g Protein, 3g Fiber and 8g Whole Grain! I mean what breakfast shake do you know of that has whole grain in them? I don’t know of any or anything that I actually like. I’m very picky when it comes to shakes because of my food allergies but these I can actually drink without having to worry about having a reaction or anything. They are made with nonfat milk which is very helpful to me since my milk allergy is crazy most days. The chocolate tastes like a milkshake from a restaurant and the berry one tastes awesome too. The one I haven’t tried was the vanilla one but Olivia did and she loved it! BFAST doesn’t have that gritty taste that most breakfast shakes have or that you make at home. The one thing that I don’t like is for a shake to taste gritty and these do not! I love them! All you do is chill it, shake it and chug it! I am actually planning on getting some at Target when we go this afternoon after classes are done and Jason gets up from his sleep since he worked last night. The shakes have the same nutrition of a bowl of cereal and milk. Nice! Just what I need on most days! I was also given a Car Cooler Organizer that we love and we have actually put it in the back of the van with Olivia who can’t reach her cup holder in the van because it’s out of the way. But this is a nice thing to have on those days we head to the store or just take a long trip and need somewhere to put our BFAST Shakes!

Now here comes the fun part! I am giving away to 1 lucky reader an awesome prize package!

The prize package includes:

2 Chocolate BFAST Shakes
2 Vanilla BFAST Shakes
2 Berry BFAST Shakes
1 Car Cooler Organizer

I am asking you to go check out BFAST online and tell me which flavor you would like the most. This is open to US Residents Only and will end on September  6, 2013 at 8pm EST.

You can also get some extra entries for sharing on:

  • Twitter (reply with the link of your tweet) and use hash tag #BFASTSHAKESROCK
  •  Share on Facebook and reply with the link to you sharing
  • Go onto my Facebook Page and Like it and reply back to let me know you have liked the page.
  • Share on Google+ and reply back with the link. 

Good luck to everyone and enjoy the Giveaway!

“I was sent the BFAST Breakfast Shakes and Can Cooler Organizer from My Blog Spark as compensation in return for an honest review. They are also supplying the Giveaway Prize as well.”

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