Something to Stay Busy…

Ever since I lost my job last September, I’ve been looking for a new job. Well moving into a Military town seemed like a good idea but in all actually it stinks living in a military town. I can’t stand it and I try to stay out of town as often as I can. I only go into town when I must have to like an appointment or to Target or something. Other than that I stay away. Well I have been feeling like I must do something and one thing that makes me so happy beyond belief is planning trips to Disney World! I am thinking of taking a class or something to get started to be able to plan other peoples trips for them and with this money I make then I will plan my own trips. It might not seem like a lot but every little bit helps. But my one question is how do I come about doing that? I’m looking into it now to see what I need to do to become a Disney Travel Planner.

One thing that Jason and I both love to do is travel to Disney World and if we could afford to do it more often we would. But with me not having a job and I still want to be able to homeschool Olivia something has to give. We have stopped eating out a lot which is helping not only financially but also health wise. Both Jason and I have lost some weight just by eating at home and we both feel better about it too. I have found my new love for cooking and yes I still love to bake and would love to have a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer but until that happens using my hands and arms will have to do. Manual labor is hard but well worth it. Gives me a great arm workout!

Well that’s about it. If you know someone or know how to go about becoming a Disney Travel Planner let me know. I’m all ears! Ha! That was a joke there! We love Disney World and can’t wait to go back again hopefully next year.

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