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Apple Stroller Review

When we took our trip to Walt Disney World back in June we decided to rent a stroller for 4 days while in the parks. Yes I do understand my daughter is 9, but with her being on the small size and it’s a ton of walking each day in the park we decided to do it. Well I went online and went searching for the best deal out there for a stroller to use. I found that the best deal was through Apple Strollers. They were offering a deal and are still offering this deal to rent a Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller for Free but only pay the insurance on the stroller for each day. I paid $5 a day on the stroller and since we had it for 4 days the total plus tax came to $21.40. What a deal! Plus it is daddy proof or as I have been saying “Jason Proof.” For Jason the past several trips down with the stroller have has been quite funny since he has no idea how to fold the umbrella stroller we have. Well thank goodness I found this stroller and am now obsessing over getting one for the next little one. The City Mini was so easy to fold and was light weight for us when boarding the buses at night. No shaking the stroller to get it down!

The cool thing about Apple Strollers is that they will deliver to your resort that day you arrive and will pick up the stroller from the resort as well. Very cool because it was heaven having the stroller. The color we got was solid black which I don’t recommend having in the hot, June, Florida heat but it worked because many others we were seeing within the parks were gray and orange or red. So it was nice to see ours in the sea of strollers. We will be renting again from them when we head back to Disney if Olivia doesn’t hit a growth spurt any time soon. I highly recommend using them!

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