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Schedule for Homeschool

Now that summer is coming to an end we are working on finding a schedule that works best for us. At first we were only going to do a few lessons a day but after trying that out for two weeks we figured it just wasn’t working for us. So today is a new day and a new week and now we are going to be doing all of the lessons each day. The lessons include English, Science, Math, History, Handwriting and Reading. I want to do at least 4 lessons in the morning and complete the last two after lunch. I’m still trying to figure out the afternoons and incorporating Art and another lesson but for now this works for us. Today we have had to take a few extra breaks but it is working with not a lot of fussing.

This morning we worked on English first and as I was printing out the test my ink ran out so Jason had to run to Walmart to get some more for me. Next up was Science. We did the lesson and then it was time for lunch. We started later than planned this morning but that’s because I got up later than I wanted to but had a hard time sleeping last night. So hopefully tomorrow we will begin a little sooner. Around 1:30pm we began Math lesson 8 and she is now taking a 10 minute break. I’ve noticed with her math we have to take a break before and after we do it because she gets all bent out of shape during this lesson. I have a feeling that it’s from what we had to deal with last year while she was in Public School. So it’s going to take some getting used to how this schedule works for us and as the lessons get harder we will have to probably take more breaks. It’s a learning period for us on what works best for us. Next up will be History lesson and then Handwriting and Reading. We are enjoying the Reading program we are using which is Abeka. I am going to work on some spelling words for her to do weekly and do a test that I will make up for her to take. I wasn’t going to do spelling but she is needing something extra so this will be it as well.

If you have already started home school, what works best for you and your family?

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