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Modern wallpaper is a clever option when remodeling your home.

So my fiancée talked me into a bit of a remodel for our condo before our upcoming wedding. Because planning a marriage isn’t quite stressful enough on it’s own, right? She said that as the wedding approaches it would be great to have the remodel done so we could entertain and celebrate our upcoming big day with friends in our newly remodeled abode. She also sold it as a way to get ready for baby as well. As once the remodel is done then I won’t have to do anything else except get her pregnant, which is the fun part.
Now all of this sounds good in theory but when put into practice things can get, well, a bit nuts. So the way that I put out the proverbial fire that was beginning to burn as my wife juggled work, remodel, and wedding planning was to get her a wedding planner and I took over the remodel. Thank goodness one of her bridesmaids, Nikki, is an interior decorator and as a wedding present she agreed to hold my hand and help me through the craziness that is a condo remodel.
So maybe it was the strong coffee that day or the celebratory mimosas during brunch, but Nikki convinced me that modern wallpaper would be the way to go over using a simple paint on each of the rooms. I went for it and when my wife returned from “spa day” she flipped out. In a very good way. I tried to take all of the credit but she knows I definitely wouldn’t have enough style to take a chance on wall coverings like that. But for all of you fellas out there listening that are remodeling your home consider wall coverings. They’ll make you look like a hero.

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