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Broken Foot…

So there is nothing like getting an x-ray done to find out you have a broken foot. Oh joy that is! I went into the doctor on Monday to find out why my left leg has been swelling and commented on my toe that was hurting some as a joke. But the doctor took one look at it and determined that I needed to have my foot x-ray that same day. So off the the place to have it x-ray and sure enough they asked me to sit in the front lobby and wait for the radiologist to take a look at it. They came back out to tell me I have broken my foot and to take the CD that contains the x-rays and the preliminary report to the orthopedist. Go figure for me to break my foot at the end of the summer! So now after looking online for what they will do for a broken foot that includes an impacted fracture it looks like I will be in a cast or I will have to have pins put in my foot. So since it’s been almost 2 days since finding out it’s broken I am still waiting to hear back from the doctors on an appointment. Praying for a cast but if they need to do surgery I will take it and get the healing business started. 🙂

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