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Old School

Sometimes I wish that I could be little again and have no responsibilities. We have been spending some time out of town and have been enjoying it. This past Monday we left to head to White Lake, NC which is a wonderful spot to go camping and take Olivia to play in the lake. I got of course a nice tan and it’s nice to have time to spend with family. It reminds me though of when I was younger and we went to a river with my Mom and Nana in Virginia and swam in. Brings back good memories for me but something that brings back good memories is when we were at Ocean City, Maryland we would play records on the turntable. But now you can get a usb turntable and I think it would be fun to be able to take some of my old records and import them into my laptop by this awesome turntable. Then put them on my iPhone or Olivia’s iPod (my old iPhone 4) for us to jam to in the car going on family trips. We had a blast there at White Lake and knowing that we only live 30 minutes from there we will be going back!

Where is someplace you go to with your family or where did you go as a child with your family that brings back good memories?

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