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Mighty Pops Silicone Popsicle Molds Review

Now that summer is here in the south and it’s brutally hot this year, it’s nice to have something cold for Olivia to eat. Well if you want to be able to make your kids something good, and something healthy then I found the perfect product for you. Mighty Pops: Silicone Popsicle Molds are easy to use and a great thing for the kids to hold. While they do get cold in your child’s hand, we found that wrapping a napkin or paper towel around it worked just as well. Olivia loved the fact that we could pick what to use for the popsicle. We have already used some of the fruit juice we have and those turned out good. We did notice that they are hard to set up in the freezer because you are supposed to have the molds turned upright when freezing so it did get a little messy the first time. Since then we have found it easy to put the molds into a cup but it took about 2 big cups to keep them upright. I do wish that the molds came with a stand. Would have made it easier than making a mess in the freezer. I found that to clean the molds was quite simple and a bottle brush worked best to get in there to get it clean. Or if you have a dishwasher than you can just place them in there but since we live in a 100 year old home we don’t have one. I might be purchasing more for family members to give as gifts for their kids since I know they will get some good use out of them too. I highly recommend them if you want to make your kids something healthy, fun and cold to enjoy during the summer months or year round like we do.

You can order these Mighty Pops: Silicone Popsicle Molds at for only $13.99 plus shipping and handling through Amazon unless you have Prime Membership then it’s free!

I was provided with a code to receive a set of 6 Mighty Pops: Silicone Popsicle Molds for free to be able to provide my honest opinion review on this product.

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