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Homeschool Week 2

This week happened to be our 2nd week of homeschooling and we are still enjoying it! Last Friday we went up to visit with our friends from Nashville, and we were supposed to get up with my sister. But my sister got called into work so we couldn’t get to hang out with her and Possum. But we did happen to go to Ikea where Jason and I got two nice small bookshelves. One was for the office and the other was for the homeschool room. On our way home we stopped off at my parents house and got a table and 4 chairs for the room as well. Olivia and I went to White Lake, NC with my mom and niece, Keali and while we were gone Jason set up the bookshelf and table. It looks nice now in the room. I plan on painting it and hanging up a few things in the room.

We also found out that there is a Homeschool Store in Fayetteville which he and I plan on visiting this week sometime. I would like to get a few things for the room to make it feel more complete. I’m thinking of going to Lowe’s and getting a piece of plywood and some molding and making a chalkboard myself. I need to get some things from Hobby Lobby as well for art projects and activities in the different classes. Olivia is enjoying being homeschooled and we are enjoying it as well. I am glad that we made this decision to take her out of public school and school her ourselves.

This Wednesday evening we are heading to Carolina Beach and might be having dinner with my sister in law and her hubby and daughter. Then Thursday, Jason has an appraisal class to attend in Wrightsville Beach and Olivia and I plan on heading to the beach to enjoy the sun, sand and surf. I might instead take her to the aquarium instead in Kure Beach, NC. Then we can do our science lesson that way. Then we might head over to the beach to learn about seagulls and more.

English is going good and Olivia doesn’t care for Social Studies but once we get started she’s fine in it. She will be doing her first test on Monday or Tuesday. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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