I have to say that I will be so happy when the EOG’s are over with. It has made Olivia very grouchy and hard to get along with. Next Wednesday and Thursday are the tests and I will be happy when she is in a much better mood! We were supposed to go up to Virginia this weekend but after the wedding last weekend, we have somehow caught someones cold and feel awful! Olivia is getting over a double ear infection so it seems like it probably is a good idea that we aren’t going up there. Plus I can’t seem to get over this crazy fever so I think staying home was the right decision to make.

My parents both know that I am struggling with not feeling so well that they have offered to come to Fayetteville to pick Olivia up for the weekend. She doesn’t know that Nanie is coming to get her and take her home. I know Olivia will be excited to go there and have some Nanie and Olivia time like old times.

Also Jason and I have been talking about getting a puppy this summer. That way Olivia will have a small playmate at home, we can take the dog for a walk to help us lose weight and we can have it for protection when Jason is at work. We have talked about getting a Yorkie but after talking a little bit longer about it we might get a Chocolate Lab instead. 🙂 We will have to see I guess.

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