Babies…Adoption Possibly…

Lately Jason and I have been thinking a lot about starting a family together. We’d like to start next year but we both are a little apprehensive because of my health. My health hasn’t been the best since moving into this house and well it’s been a rough year so far. I think it’s pretty sad that last month I met my deductible while Jason still has several hundred to go until he meets his. Jason and I both would love to try on our own but we are thinking that we might just look into adoption instead. We have checked out the cost for an adoption in the US but it’s actually a bit cheaper to adopt overseas.

One of the places we have looked at for adoption is Ethiopia. We have even checked out ethiopian airlines booking to see how much it would cost us to travel there. We want a family together so bad and if we can’t have one ourselves because of medical issues then we will look into adopting. We both figured that there are several children out there who either don’t have parents or whose parents just don’t want them or can’t afford them. While Jason and I would love to try on our own we want to have those options out for us as well. We both have even talked about having one on our own and then adopting from there. I can only pray that we can decide in our lives and pray about it. We have found the booking that we’d like to do but we just need to the confirmation from God that this is what we are supposed to do.

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