I haven’t left…

Sorry I haven’t updated this blog in a few weeks. I’ve been dealing with finals in two classes and I am on week 5 of my Statistics class and Information Technology class. Statistics is kicking my butt! But other than that we here at our household are doing well.

Jason and I went to Raleigh this weekend to check out the Homeschool Store there and got a lot of information that we were looking for. We have decided that homeschool might be the best thing for Olivia right now. We have been fighting with her school over her math grades and they aren’t doing anything to help her. We are working with her at home and she understands it the way I teach her but not sure if she is understanding what her teacher is teaching her. We are looking at doing either BJU or mixing it up. We have found several things that we both like and I will be giving Olivia a test on math to see which program will work best for her. I’m leaning more towards Saxon Math for her and Apologia for Science. But we also want to incorporate Bible as well so I’m still trying to find a good program to do with her. It’s really working out for us plus we are going to be joining the local homeschool organization here for some socialization for her. And I might try looking into another activity for her as well. I’m getting excited about this and maybe it will help her in the long run. The schools in town aren’t very good and we have been told not to put her in them at all if we can help it. So we looked into some of the Christian schools but they are so stinkin’ expensive we can’t afford it. Homeschool seems like it will work best for us right now.

Well I’m off to get Olivia from school right now. Praying she had a good day at school. 🙂

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