School Going Well

School is going well for all three of us. Olivia is still struggling with school this year as far as math. She’s not understanding it and I’m a little afraid she’s getting behind in this class. The school isn’t worried too much but both Jason and I are and we have talked to the school about it and they want to do nothing about it. Frustrating as it is this is making our decision to homeschool Olivia more and more of a reality.

I’m doing well in school this semester and I have two A’s in both of my classes. My other 2 classes are getting ready to begin on Monday and the only class that I’m truly worried about is my Elementary Statistics class. Other than that it’s going great! Jason is doing well in his class as well. He is holding a steady A in the class now and his new class starts on Monday as well.

As mentioned before we are looking into doing homeschool for Olivia next year. We are looking into the abeka program for her but still not certain on it. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

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