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Zaggfolio for iPad Review

Do you have an iPad? Do you love using it but sometimes don’t feel like trying to type and email or even a blog post on it with the keyboard that is built into the iPad? Well here is a great solution for you then…why not get yourself a Zaggfolio for your iPad? It’s a keyboard and case for your iPad to protect it plus it has a removable Bluetooth Keyboard with it. I received one and the day I got it I had to try it out. I found that typing on it was so easy and I found that I would much rather take my iPad to the library to do research or write on rather than using my laptop. The one thing I wouldn’t be able to do on my iPad using the Zaggfolio is my homework for school but that’s ok because I can use it to write emails, play online and write blog posts from it. How simple is that.

I found that it’s very easy to connect the keyboard to the iPad and I love how the keyboard has a place to set your iPad into so that you can read and write easier. The case is a carbon fiber textured folio and it’s very durable. The reason I know that is it protected my iPad when I dropped it at the Hospital waiting room when my father in law had to be rushed to the hospital. I’m so glad that I had the case on it because it I didn’t I’m sure I would have a smashed up iPad by now. It’s so light and durable and I’m so glad that I have something to keep the iPad safe and have something to write emails to my friends with.

I highly suggest you purchasing one for either yourself or as a gift because this has been one of the best things that I have for my iPad!! You can purchase this case and keyboard from Zagg for $99.99 in Polyurethane or Leather and can choose your color of your keyboard.

“I received my own Zaggfolio from Zagg to facilitate my own personal views on the Zaggfolio.”

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