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Piano…or something else…

One thing that Olivia has always been interested in is learning to play an instrument. She has always wanted to learn to play the piano but she has also been interested in playing a violin, flute, piccolo, and now recently a guitar. She thinks that learning to play instruments is something that is one of the coolest things ever! One thing that I’ve been looking into getting her is an old piano and maybe one day we can get one for the living room in the house or if we move into a bigger home then one for the study. But I’ve also been thinking of getting her a gretsch electromatic but still not so sure yet. I’d love to be able to give her piano lessons or some sort of lesson in the house. I know that if we do decide to get a piano then she would want to have one that is really nice. She told me once she always wanted a pink or purple piano.

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