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One thing that I love about this house and yet miss is that I have no carpets at all throughout the entire house. While at times its so nice not to have to vaccumn all the time I still miss them on those cold nights. I sometimes don’t like having to sweep all the time on the hardwood floors because they do get quite dirty quickly. I think that if Jason and I do decide to build a new home in a few years or so that we will want Carpets in the bedrooms for sure. If we do move to a place like Raleigh, or around that area and we have carpets in the house then I will be sure to check out carpet cleaners holly springs nc in the yellow pages. We do have two small area rugs in the house one in the living room and one that our bed sits on. It’s nice knowing when we’re sitting watching TV or we toss and turn a lot the bed and the sofa stay where they are. Now to get a nice Dining Room Table or make one for the dining room then I will probably get one for that room too and one for the playroom as well.

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