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More things for the House

Today we went into town to get a present for the house that was given to us from my father in law. They gave us a gift card for HHGregg to get a freezer for the house because with the fridge that we have it doesn’t fit a lot of food in it so we wanted to go to Sam’s Club and do some bulk shopping but honestly haven’t been able to because we didn’t have the room for the extra meats and things we wanted to get. Now we have room for up to 250lbs of food in our new 7.1 cubic foot Haier Chest Freezer! It was on sale and plus we got a rebate to send in as well. I’m so glad that we now have one and it fits perfect in our kitchen since it is already so big so it just takes up a little bit of space and I love it! Tomorrow I might go shopping at Sam’s Club for a while and go get some frozen and bulk meats. 🙂 I’m so excited about cooking at home now and saving more money! Especially since we are going to be on a tight budget since Jason will be in school full time and I will be in school as well. 🙂

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