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Haircut for Olivia

Last week Olivia had come to me asking to have her hair cut short. While for many years she was against me cutting it unless something happened to her hair it was long. I had to cut her hair about a month or two ago because she got gum stuck in her hair and honestly I tried everything to get it unstuck but it was just not budging. So I had to personally cut it shoulder length and for a while she didn’t like it but I think the short hair grew on her. Then without notice she came back up to me and asked for her hair to be cut shorter. I’m sure if I had our hairdressers scissors we could have cut her hair short too. But I don’t have any nice scissors and I have been looking online and found some awesome new ones I’d like. I found online for joewell shears and fell in love with a few pairs. Now if I got myself a pair then I could cut Olivia’s hair. But I will not cut my own hair and just continue to go get my hair cut soon and colored too. yay!

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