A Family Christmas!

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just not too far away now. We still have some shopping to get done but that’s about it. We’ve pretty much have all of the things we can get for Olivia and today we got our first real tree in our first home together. Well technically its not my first real tree because I remember growing up getting real trees but then we started getting fake ones and haven’t had a real one since. This happens to be Olivia’s first real tree and Jason’s too. Well today I got a new review product and it’s a Zagg product for my iPad. 🙂 I will be posting more about it on another post about that product review of course. And today I felt bad because when I was ordering the new tree today and a few things I might have ordered the wrong set of lights. Thanks to Jason for running back to the store twice to get the correct lights. I felt bad about it but he’s a true trooper. 🙂

Well this is really easy to type this post on my iPad with my new toy and I’m loving it! More to come soon…

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