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December Already?

It’s hard to believe it’s December already! I can be very thankful for what God has given and brought us this year. I have a wonderful family and next year we hope to be adding to the family! We have traveled to Augusta, GA this year and fell in love with that town…actually it was Aiken, SC but close enough to Augusta. Either way it was a great needed trip. We took two trips to Disney World and we are planning another secret trip to Disney. Olivia wants a big birthday party this year with her friends from school and so she thinks that we are not going to Disney at all in 2013. It’s going to be a big surprise and we want to keep it that way. We have moved into a beautiful home that has lots of space and we love it! We also love the hardwood floors although at times I really want carpet just because I can vaccum with my nice new vacum cleaner but for now a swiffer will work.

Christmas will be here soon enough and it’s great too! Although it’s going to be a small Christmas for Olivia it doesn’t matter because she will be very happy with what she is getting! We have even talked about getting us a puppy for the family too because I would love some company while Olivia is sleeping or Jason is at work. It’s just something that we are looking into for our family. We have been looking at chocolate labs and yorkies and schnauzers but still trying to figure out which kind we want. 🙂

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