Thanksgiving this year has been wonderful! On Wednesday we went to my parents house and stayed with my grandma who is 93. We had a great trip spending time with friends and family and we also got to spend time with my sister and her boyfriend. Was a great trip home. While I was still getting over the bronchitis and junk I decided not to go out shopping plus I didn’t have the extra money to go shopping. Then we left on Friday and stopped by my house to drop some things off and we left to head to my mother in laws house in Aiken, South Carolina to spend some time with her and her family. We have had a great time here and we leave to go home today. We can’t wait to come back down and spend more time here. It’s so pretty here and we have even thought about moving here. Just to get out of North Carolina and make a change for us as a family. Just something we are looking at doing in the next few years.

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