Quick Update

Just have a few minutes for a quick update this morning. I’m still struggling with this nasty sickness and it seems like it’s coming back in full force again. The doctor called in some medicine but it doesn’t seem to be helping with the coughing so it looks like I will be back to the doctor most likely today or tomorrow. not fun at all but glad to have medical insurance to be able to go. I wanted to also update you all on Olivia and her grades! Olivia did wonderful on her report card this past 9 weeks and we are definitely loving her teacher and school. She missed honor roll by one point but that’s ok because she can strive for honor roll this 9 weeks. We’ve started putting Christmas decorations up at the house too just because it’s cold out and I feel like decorating the house.

Have you started to decorate? We won’t be home most likely on the day we’re supposed to decorate and since I’m not working I decided to start doing it early this year.

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