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Hot Iron Holster Review

Are you one of those moms who have to use a hot iron or curling iron on your hair just about every day? I am and if I didn’t my hair would look crazy and unruly or just go up in a ponytail. Well since I have decided to start growing my hair out I thought I would try to take the time in doing my hair even if it’s just to go take and pick Olivia up from school. I have always wanted to be the cool mom who didn’t care what she looked like but I do care!

One of the coolest products that I think has ever come out is the Hot Iron Holster! It’s so easy to use and so effective too! I hate leaving the flat iron or curling iron on the bathroom counter top only to see that it burns the countertop or some little hands get a hold of it and burns them. I would hate if that ever happened to Olivia or anyone in the house!!!! The Hot Iron Holster is one of the coolest inventions out there!

Here are some facts about the Hot Iron Holster:

  • The Hot Iron Holster is a heat resistant silicone pocket that holds curling irons, flat irons, or hair dryers and is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The Hot Iron Holster was invented by Erin Balogh when her pedestal sink refused to make space for all of her hair products and tools.
  • Erin fashioned a creative and useful pouch made of hot pads and oven mitts. Her homemade invention is the inspiration behind its silicone legacy, the Hot Iron Holster.
  • Hot Iron Holsters are made of specially formulated silicone that clings to any smooth surface: tile, wood, laminate, granite, metal, glass, vinyl, porcelain, plastic and more!
  • Hot Iron Holsters can easily be cleaned with either water or rubbing alcohol. 

I have fallen in love with using my Hot Iron Holster and you can too if you just get yourself one or give it as a Holiday Gift this year! Someone I bet you know is a hair junkie and would love to have this given to them as a gift this year! 

I received a complimentary Hot Iron Holster to complete my review for the Hot Iron Holster. The review is based off of my own opinions.

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