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Planning a Secret Trip

One thing that I am addicted to is Disney World. I have been trying to think of ways to plan a secret trip to either Disney World or take a Disney Cruise without Olivia finding out. One thing that we have decided to do is take 10% of our paychecks and put away in a savings account. If I will go to school next year then the one thing that I know for the next two years is not going to Disney World which breaks my heart. So we might try to do one Disney trip before that happens. So I have been going to the Disney Store and getting Disney Gift Cards. What a great idea and better yet it’s a start to saving money.

I have to say that being able to pull off a major trip like this and not be able to tell Olivia is beyond me but it’s something that Jason and I would love to do. So here’s my question to you all; Have you ever planned a big trip and surprised your children with it and how did you do it?

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